What Happens Now.

You are going to make an application to your coach to ensure this program is suitable for you.

Answer the survey below and submit it. Your coach will receive it right away.

After you have submitted your survey, on the next page, you have an option to put down the initial deposit.


Making a deposit, or paying in full, shows your commitment to your program. BUT PAYMENT NO GUARANTEE OF YOUR ACCEPTANCE INTO THE PROGRAM. If, after speaking with you, we consider you to be unable to complete the program, will not fit into the culture of the program or might diminish the experience of other students, your deposit or payment will be refunded directly to your account with no charges incurred. 

If you are not accepted into the 4 week natural you apply for, we will advise you how you can make a successful application in the future. 

We cap programs at 11 students. At this time, demand is larger than availability. We want to ensure we have the best students for the best group culture. We want to ensure that students are open, enthusiastic, accepting of themselves and others, and have basic communication skills. However you can be 100% socially inexperienced and be accepted. 

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