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Hi, I am Federico. I have a passion for break-throughs beyond your current imagination. I love when success escalates. Escalation means increasing something to a point beyond your control.
I truly believe in the transformative power of game. When men walk into a training as shy, insecure boys and leave as expressive, confident man - that's what makes them explode with pride, allows women to enjoy their company, gets me excited as fuck!


Let’s start this journey together. Let me learn about your unique personality and teach you to play the „game“ to your strength. While I enjoy working with crazy charismatic guys, helping to channel their energy towards extraordinary results, I also feel a strong drive to work with introverts, shy guys, sensitive men, logical men. If you think something is not right with you. I am your guy. I felt the same way. Know this: weakness and strength are closely related and we can use your logic or your sensitivity to your advantage.

4 Week Natural Executive Coach
(Alex James - Founder of 4 week natural)

Certified NLP Practitioner
(R. Bandler - Co-developer of NLP)

Certified Hypnosis Therapist
(R. Segel - Munich School of Hypnosis)

Certified Freedive Instructor
(E. d. Santamaria - World Record Holder)


For those who are interested: I was born in 1983 & grew up in Munich, Germany.

Therefore by default, I am too logical, have no sense of humor and I am always on time. Fun does not exist for me and I am constantly grumpy. I am a horrible lover and sensuality does not exist for me either.

That's how it used to be... Well, a lot has changed and I am pretty happy with that ;)


4 week
immersive training

4 day
immersive coaching