"After struggling my way through school with only 1 friend and praying to finally get a girlfriend. I went on to pursue my child hood dream of becoming a solider. This should help me get a hot girlfriend right? Wrong. For years I went out with my fellow soldiers and watched as they naturally attracted gorgeous girls into their lives in a matter of minutes as I just stood by helplessly in denial that I just didn't give off that vibe.... Enough was enough...."


During my second tour of Afghanistan I made a real commitment to myself to read everything I can about this area of life and when I finally escape this shit hole. I would buy some new shoes, iron a shirt, put on some aftershave and head out to go talk to a girl!


Finally that day had come and what an awful performance that was. I spent the next few weeks banging my head against the wall, frustrated and confused why so many guys made it look so easy and I couldn't even hold a conversation together! 


I moved to a new city in the north of England where I met my first ever wingman. Over time of going out with him and seeing for myself how skilled this man had become from being consistent and learning how difficult it was for him when he had first started! I had learned something watching him I will never forget.... It's possible... 


The next year of my life was a journey of triumph and failure, tears of joy and tears of disappointment! "The journey had finally begun." I found mentors that not only were getting the results I had wanted but that I related to their story the most! I gained some mind altering knowledge along my journey that not only improved my character but allowed me to start dating the quality of women I truly wanted! I now want to share some of this knowledge with you:


"If I am a man and she is a women and I respect myself 100%, I have my own boundaries, I take care of my hygiene/self image and I appreciate and hold good intensions for her, then theres no reason why I'm not enough for this girl. I may be uncomfortable at times and thats just fine, I am probably doing better than I think and I always focus on what can go right. No matter what happens I will always be fine. 


Through this knowledge my whole life changed! I started travelling with the most experienced guys in this industry and dated some of the hottest women I have ever dated in my entire life! I will go out into the nightclub or the book store and know exactly what I have to do on an emotional level that it has become instinctual and I attract women without even trying.


I have reached thousands of people all around the world sharing this knowledge and working one on one with a variety of students from different backgrounds to FINALLY give them what I always wanted: "To Know What You Are Doing!" 


The Last thing I came to realise is many guys that have attended a program with me would feel there are 100 things wrong with "Their Game" when you couldn't be more wrong. Usually It's just one or two things you can not see that require someone that knows what they're doing to highlight these blindspots and finally get results with these women!


"So whats it going to be? finally know what you're doing or spend 5-10 years figuring it out for yourself?"


I'm here for you if you have any questions, feel free to message me directly.


Yours truly, 

Luca Daniel.

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