4 Week Natural Melbourne November 14th-December 16th:

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Welcome To The Most Life Changing 33 Days Of Your Life.

Do you want to live in endless suffering for the rest of your life over having the potential to attract and date your ideal women, yet never doing it?

Many of you will live in endless suffering. So why didn’t we go with the crowd and run 3 day bootcamps instead of 4 week programs?

The answer, simply put is it takes 10 days to transform your behaviour.

10 days to transform your mindset on attracting and dating your ideal women.

Finally another 10 days to transform your emotions, which is where all the gold is there to be taken. 

Most of you haven’t even reached day 10 so how can you expect to completely transform your behaviour in attracting & dating your ideal women?

You understand at this point, it’s not the richest, best looking or even the tallest who break free from endless suffering.

It’s those with the most desire.

You’re a man who can’t stand living with the constant fear of when you’ll meet your next girlfriend.

You’re not ordinary like everyone else. You’re unique. You’re ready to reach out and take the life with women you’ve always dreamed of.

What are you waiting for?

33 Days Live Pick Up Coaching immersion + 24/7 Coach Hotline.

You will spend 33 days side by side with your fellow students which will become friends for life! Heading out to the bars, out in the night clubs, going out during the day and learning directly face to face with a world class experienced instructor/mentor that will guide you through your journey, highlight your blind spots and be within your reach 24/7!


8 DayGame Sessions, 8 NightGame Sessions, 3:1 Student:Mentor Ratio.

You will have 8 DayGame sessions, 8 NightGame sessions with a 3:1 student:mentor ratio evenly spread out over the duration of 4 weeks! This intimate ratio will allow us to have a better picture of what you need and will allow everything you've learned and experienced to organically internalise throughout the course!


Infield Video, Personalised Interactive Presentations

You will get to see full live infield breakdowns from YOUR instructor; Not an assistant, to demonstrate and internalise everything you will learn during the course and will experience first hand what effective natural game looks like!


Work With YOUR Coach, Not An Assistant Coach.


Fashion Coaching, Cosmetic Coaching, Health & Fitness Consultation.


We will go through your individual fashion & hygiene to ensure you are up to an acceptable standard and make sure you’re making a great first impression. We will also have a health and fitness consultation where you will learn in quick time how improve your inner health and obtain a great physique!

Phone Game, Social Media, Dating Profile Pictures & Tinder.


You will receive a full break down of your online dating accounts from improving your pictures to learning what to say. You will see real examples from your instructor, see his personal accounts and learn how to get the same level of results INSTANTLY!

Deep InnerGame Work Shop And Experiential Social Psychology.


This is where it gets very interesting. Over time of getting to know you, we will see your blindspots, your sticking points and everything within your personality thats holding you back! We will sit down and personally breakdown everything within your self thats stopping you from getting results and realign you on a better path to improve your character!

Ten Days Actions, Ten Days Mind, Ten Days Visceral.


The first 10 days will change “What you are doing”. Your instructor will drill you to install better habits and you will see through first hand experience what to do. The next 10 days will change how you think about your interactions and you will know logically exactly what to do and the final 10 days is to emotionally solidify what you have learned and finally see the matrix!

Practical Date Coaching, Date Night Game Plan, Live Date support.


Once you know how to meet the girls and once you know how to text the girls, you'll want to head out and meet them on a date. We will be with you every step of the way! We will advise you on the best locations to go, what to do during the date and be right on the other side of the phone for any help you need DURING the date!

Extensive Bespoke Actionable Guidance.


Throughout the course you will be getting constant extensive personalised feedback that you can take action on right away. This will help you make small shifts immediately in the right direction to get you as good as possible as fast as possible!




You will be able to contact me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the entire program. I’ll never be far away, and we’ll be going out to the same venues.


Get my private mobile number.

Available 24/7 for any question.

I’m never far away at any time.

We’ll go out to the same venues.



You will get a minimum of 8 sessions out in the field with me as your direct coach and wing, with your choice of daygame or nightgame.


Equivalent of 2½ “bootcamps”.

New “Drills and Diagnosis” format.

Schedule at your convenience.

3:1 Ratio: Lowest in the industry.



You will be able to voice any questions you have about your interactions, girls you’re seeing, and go over issues that are unique to you and get them handled.


Private in-office consultations.

All of your questions answered.

One-on-one drill exercises.

Advice for each girl you’re seeing.



You will receive a personalized curriculum and action plan tailor-fit to your specific goals, life situation, and strengths and weaknesses.


Learn what will help you the most.

Cut out “one-size-fits-all” advice.

Handle your sticking points.

Full accountability to me.



You will have access to videos or any video programs that I have previously released for you to learn and study from as part of your curriculum.


Access all vintage videos.

On-demand program screenings.

In-person video breakdowns.

Real-life video applications shown.



You will get special attention, consideration, and focus from me. We will build a close, one-on-one relationship that wouldn’t be possible with a shorter program.


Your individual needs addressed.

Close mentor/student focus.

One-on-one time and attention.

Small and specialized program.



You and I will be looking over your progress step-by-step throughout the program, and exposing what sticking points you need to specifically focus and work on.


Analysis of your progress

Direct, applicable feedback.

Exposition of your blind spots.

“No Excuses” goal approach.



You will learn about phone, text, date, and social media game, as well as get ongoing advice and strategies for the girls you meet through this part of the program.


Know exactly what to text back.

Set up and structure dates.

Facebook/Tinder game overview.

How to blend online and real-life.





You will get an outlined health, workout, and nutrition game plan customized to you and designed to help you attain the look that you’d like to be able to achieve with your physique.



You will be given ongoing fashion consultation to help you build your particular style. We will go over hair, attire, grooming, and general visual aesthetics to perfect your look.



You will choose an artistic skill to pursue during the month, or explore a wide range of artistic endeavors to discover a new passion and tap into your creative energies.



You will have the responsibility of contributing towards a worthwhile charity of your choosing that resonates with your values and the people that you want to contribute and “give back” to.



Before we part ways, we’ll all go out and have the time of our lives to celebrate your “graduation” from the program. It’s only fitting to end a month you’ll never forget, with a night that you’ll never forget.



At the end of the program, you will get a special final report evaluating the progress you made, your achievements and breakthroughs, and a plan of future implementation to work on once you get home.

Alex Social

Alex Social

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