4wN New York Drill and Diagnosis

July 26th-29th

Drill and Diagnosis Dates

Does this sound familiar to you? I've been in game for month or years but just can get the women I really want.

95 % of all students we work with go through this problem. It's a problem because if it's not dealt with, you'll only ever attract what you can get, not what you truly desire.
Most of you have slept with or had sexual experiences with women you'd never share to your friends.
Do you want to keep struggling along like this for the rest of your life?

If the answer is no, you understand it's a shame for YOU not to attract & date your ideal 9s & 10s When students of ours come into program and do it so easily.
Yes easily.
The question right now is, do you have the courage to fight back and change the quality of women you attract & date?

You have the choice to be apart of the elite 5 % of men.
You can either be the guy you look at with pity for dating such an unattractive girlfriend or the guy who dates the women other men drool over.
You make that choice by either taking action with me right now, or doing nothing. Doing nothing leads to endless pain and humiliation.

So, how is this immersive coaching going to help you in YOUR CURRENT SITUATION?

- Taking tons of ACTION towards YOUR GOALS during 2 day game and 2 night game sessions
- RAPID LEARNING through fast feedback loop and debrief after each session
-Developing a more ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY through an individual masculinity breakdown
- Learning how to BEST IMPROVE YOUR GAME in the FUTURE through individual final debrief
- BETTER RESULTS by 3:1 student-instructor ratio and coaching by the executive coach (no assistant coaches)
- Developing great SOCIAL SKILLS by applying the 4 fundamental teachings of the 4 week natural
- Becoming more SOCIALLY CALIBRATED by direct feedback from the coaches
- AVOIDING YEARS OF FRUSTRATION by getting your personal blind spots pointed out
- EXPERIENCE PERSONAL LIBERATION, by BREAKING FREE from YOUR INNER PRISON, developing more freedom of expression through our field tested drills
- Learn how to FEEL more COMFORTABLE around your personal 9 or 10!

Who is this program for?

- BEGINNERS often make huge improvements because they finally get a successfully tested blueprint for game and are able to get their first results ever.
- INTERMEDIATES often learn about blind spots that ruined their game and effortlessly move to the next level.
- ADVANCED GUYS often times understand charachter flaws that where holding them back from results with really hot women on a consistent basis.

Summary of the facts

- 2 x Night Game Sessions
- 2 x Day Game Sessions
- Breakdown after each session
- Masculinity Breakdown
- Final Debrief
- Max. 3:1 Student-Instructor-Ratio
- Training Conducted by Executive Coaches – No Assistant Coaches
- 24/7 Access to Instructor (unless asleep ?)

- Now, you might think you are to shy, or you can’t even approach by yourself. You don't have to be an outgoing person by default. WE WORK with your STRENGTHS and inspire you with ideas in order to BREAK FREE from your anxiety, shyness and fear

- You might also think, you are not good enough for coaching yet. We've had students who's game stagnated. For for 5 years. Till they trained with us. Afterwards they often times out gamed their entire social circle and most, if not all guys in their home town. They often said: why didn't I do this earlier. DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE.
Train with me now. There is not better point in time than now. SET YOURSELF UP FOR REAL SUCCESS

- You might think it is a lot of money for this program. Imagine HOW PAINFUL it is to date women that you can't even be proud of for the rest of your life. Then imagine how YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE, your confidence, your attitude towards life is going to change when you know you have a hot, supportive woman by your side. One that you proudly introduce to friends, family, work colleagues. A WOMAN THAT YOU DESERVE.

- You might still think it is a lot of money. Often times when people that try to improve their game, they work on one thing while the real problem is an entirely different one. BUT THEY CAN'T SEE IT. Because it's a BLIND SPOT. They waste their best years working on the wrong thing. DON'T BE THAT GUY. Cut month or years off your learning curve, GET BETTER FAST and imagine how much fun you could have, going out. Finally attracting the women you really want.


I'm looking forward to training with you!







4 Week Natural Executive Coach, Location

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lucas girl
I’ve been on bootcamps with other American companies, but they cost way too much and it seemed like the instructor didn’t actually care. Not only is Luca’s game and coaching amazing, but you can tell that he cares about me, and my results.
— Tony, Long Island, July 2018

Program Schedule

Thursday Night 26th
8.30 Introduction
10.30Night Game
2.30 Debrief
Friday Day 27th
3.30pm Prebrief
4.00pm Day Game
7.30pm Debrief
Friday Night 27th
10.00pm Prebrief
10.30pm Night Game
3.00pm Debrief
Saturday Day 28th
3.30pm Prebrief
4.00pm Day Game
7.30pm Debrief
Saturday Night 28th
10.00pm Prebrief
10.30pm Night Game
3.00pm Debrief
Sunday 29th
3.00 Extensive Feedback and Diagnosis Session
7.30pm Conclusion
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