All questions answered: My 4WN Testimonial. (Hvar 2018 with Ryan)

Now that I have all this 'knowing', I only gotta put everything together and change my fucking life towards one of full happiness and abundance. And I'm very excited about the near future. I'm not scared of women anymore, because there is no reason why you're not enough.

Thank you Ryan, Alex, Federico, Luca, and everyone from my team in Hvar for this amazing experience.

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4WN HVAR TESTIMONIAL (July 2018 By Ryan featuring Alex, Fede and Luca)

The purpose of this testimonial is to answer the two questions:
- Should I take a 4WN?
- What was my experience on the 4WN (also regarding coaches)?

Short answer: if you are into game, and are able to take/afford a 4WN, but don’t take one, I would assume you are an idiot. I could write a book about my experience, and of all the best moments/stories/girls of the course, which changed my life forever.

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