Amsterdam DnD 2018 with Alex

Amsterdam DND Alex

21st July 2018: Alex's Boot camp in Amsterdam (Long set with Model)

It is day 2 of the drill and diagnosis program and my head is swimming with a fuck ton of information and feedback on my blind spots which Alex had pointed out. Epiphanies were happening. He wanted to work on advanced subtleties which would make a world of difference. As a guy in the game for 2.5 years now who has taken a 4WN 1.5 years back I had progressed but I had felt that there was a few last missing pieces in the puzzle, I had been getting dates and instant dates with the hottest girls but there just was no conversion which was a bit annoying. A main theme of the bootcamp was for me to become more of a validator and grumpier because I was a bit too positive and accepting, which meant I start the interactions more chill and let the girl warm me up. The results of this were evident in day game when I approached 4 girls and got 4 social media/number closes and the 5th was an instant date with a very attractive girl.

Anyways so we start out the night in a classier venue with stunning girls, Alex gets me and the other student to open girls sitting on a couch doing a stupid strip tease dance, I found it pretty amusing. We get some more stories and coaching as the venue fills up. We then decide to bounce to backpacker bar and camp there for the rest of the evening. After little while in that venue chatting to girls here and there we decide to go to the entrance of the bar when a super-hot brunette heads toward my direction with her friend. I stand in front and approach her with “hey what’s up” and touching her on the shoulder. Before I know it Alex was already winging me on the friend. She tells me that she didn’t get a stamp to get into the club. I tell her I don’t work there but I take her forearm and press it on mine which has a stamp. The girls say they want to smoke a cigarette so Alex and I escort the girls outside and chat. He tells me: “dude, troll the girl, and annoy her a bit”. She forgets my name and so I use it as an opportunity to push her cheeks together and say her memory is like Finding Nemo. We are vibing around a bit; I am still teasing the girl and just being a general troll. Alex then says “let’s get drinks”. The 4 of us head over to the bar. I am feeling pretty comfortable with this girl like I deserved her, we chat and it turns out she is a studio model and shows me photos of her. There is some basic get to know you stuff in a more high energy fashion. I buy my girl a drink, Alex was isolated nearby with his girl and I was still at the bar. She keeps putting her hand on my neck and is very physical when talking to me. I am just chill about the whole thing, not overly eager or validated by this. The girl is quite playful and asks me which position her hair would look best in photos, trying to get my validation I can sense. I am not quick to validate her. After 10-15 minutes of chit chat, Alex tells me to keep doing what I am doing but include the friend while he goes to attend to the other student. I chat to both of them and dance with them as they have drinks for about 10 more minutes then decide to do a takeaway and check out the rest of the bar. At this point it is about 1:30am. I reunite with the students and Alex, when I tell him that I did a takeaway he tells me to get back into set because it is past the point where I should be evaluating options and that I should be committing to a set. I re-approach the girls on the dance floor and chill out with them for a while. Nothing too crazy, my girl kept telling me about her modelling while we danced together. They want to go outside for a cigarette again and the 3 of us go outside. The bouncer tells the girls they can’t bring their drinks outside and so they start arguing with the bouncer who eventually tells us to get the fuck back inside with the drinks. The girls were pretty pissed and their mood completely changed. This girl was super emotional, one moment she was nice and cool, the next she was pissed, then angry etc. We decide to go get drinks at the bar, she wants me to buy her a drink, but as an unemployed Jew cunt that I am I tell her: “if you give me some great dance moves in the next 10 minutes, I’ll buy your drink”. She buys her own drink and now I feel that she is completely turned off by me. I decide to endure and stay in set. At this point Alex is watching me closely nearby and I stand with them on the dance floor. From behind he tells me in my ear: “Just chill out with them,” They move a couple metres across the dance floor away from me but I persist and stay in set and engage my girl as if everything is all good. Again… they move a few metres away but I follow and dance with them as if it is all good. From a distance Alex is giving me the thumbs up, but I am not sure he knew the situation. I turn back to him and tell him that they’re pretty cold and I am not sure what to do at this stage. I felt myself waver a little and he tells me. “Just keep it together, remember you are enough. She is going to walk out the front door with somebody, that somebody is you. You’re great.” I get back into the set but she grabs me and says: “look, we are not feeling you so… have a good night”. I tell her that I want to stay there, I persist a little bit further but she puts her hand up and lightly pushes me away. I get back to Alex who then goes and chats to the friend of my girl while pointing at me… I don’t know what he is saying but he comes back to me and tells me to tell the girl: “its last call on drinks, I have a drinks voucher so can I get you a drink… I don’t want anything”. I go up and tell it to her. She considers it for a moment and says: “Vodka soda”. I ask her if I could escort her to the bar. She comes with me and all of a sudden is completely on again and enthusiastic about me as if the events before had never even happened. I was pretty mind blown here. Alex is on the friend again and I am at the bar chatting to my girl again. She continues to ask me about her hair and how she loves black guys because of their massive dicks. She proceeded to tell me of a story of an Australian guy she banged who had a big dick. Here is where I fuck up... Instead of just chilling out with her almost as a friend as Alex had instructed me to do I took her around the corner and starting escalating sexually. He told me that because most of the guys here are creepy and weird I should be the normal one who can protect her from them. He explained the concept of “Sexy-girl dance time” which basically is the idea that I should chill with the girls and appreciate them as they dance until front door time. Instead… I push her on the wall and pull her hair while talking moderately dirty to her. This time the smile vanished from her face, she went back to her friend and I decided to go back and stay with them. After 2 minutes she tells me: “Look, I AM NOT interested in you okay?!” and this time pushes me away properly. I try to persist once more diplomatically but Alex intervenes and tells me that enough was enough, I had deployed the 4 times rule and I couldn’t do anything further. “She was cool with you, you just needed to keep it together and not buckle”.


• Biggest wisdom I was told was: “If you on any level act like you know what you are doing, it is an agenda they can defend against”.

• Hold your value: I just needed to chill out and not doubt myself halfway through the interaction, if I just killed time with her and acted like I didn’t know what I was doing till the front door things would have gone a lot better.

• Trolling the hottest girls seemed to work out very well because she was reacting very positively after that.

• After the first time she went cold I would have probably given up but I realised that the girls really respect that you can stand up for yourself and go for what you want. 

• You don’t have to be demonstrating so much attraction or show how high value you are, as long as you believe in yourself that can go a long way. I was instructed to tone down the enthusiasm and over game less which led to better results