Austin Testimonial 4wN 2018 alex

A few weeks ago I had the honor and the privilege of attending a 4wn program with some really bad mother fuckers. Some straight up hustlers. We all came from across the nation with different backgrounds, different things driving us, different expectations of the program. We all had at least one thing in common, that's for damn sure. We were there to learn how to get fucking laid. And learn we fucking did.

Our program took place in Austin, Texas. The best party city, in the greatest state, in the greatest nation, in the whole entire world. Let a native Texan tell you this - the only bearable months of Texas weather to any visitor are in April and October. Our program was in April. Springtime was in full swing. Women were in sundresses, the schools were about to be let out, and all of the parks were green with fresh growth. Everything was sexy. The program was set for success from the outset.

Alex was our main instructor and has better game than anyone I've ever seen. He pulled or had the opportunity to pull some fucking stunners almost every time I saw him out. I see Alex excels in a few areas of the game. That is in his AWARENESS of the venue, His ability to CONNECT with open sets, his process of SCREENING the girls upon meeting them, and the CORRECT FOLLOW UP with the girls if they are not ready to go home that night. Big surprise - many are down to go home that night. There are so many lessons just in each of these categories - and more - I could go on about them for a very long time. Seeing all of this happen is a mind-altering experience. Most of the lessons I could not have learned without seeing the man in action and being in set with him.

I cant go on without mentioning his integrity as a man as well. Alex went above and beyond to teach us the game. Not only is a real mother fucking g, but he's a good man at heart. He's an excellent coach... with a very direct and tactful style of communication. He (alex too) uses pattern interrupts and other methods to change behaviour and then redirect you the right way. super fascinating stuff. I'm happy to know him and to say I studied under him.

The first few days were exciting. We met the coaches, got over being star struck, and went out to the bar. The first day the coaches just watched us to get a sense of who we are and how they can teach us to get more results.

They got a sense of who we were pretty quickly. After that, we were run through the curriculum for the remainder of the program. It was certainly challenging, I stretched socially and emotionally in ways i never had before. It was all a blast!! ... but by week 3 the dark times had come... but soon we all passed through it and emerged changed men.

By week 4.... bro it wasn't even fair. Under the watchful eyes Alex we had all levelled up and were killing it in field. Pulling left and right - make outs here and there, it was great.

During the program (April), I sealed the deal with 4 girls, the cherry on top was a threesome the last day of the program with me two hotties and a bottle of tequila 

<3 God it was a great time. I still talk to both girls. There were many more that got away, and many MANY more memorable sets and interactions I remember fondly.

In the next month living on 6th I got with 4 more. one was a former stripper, one I pulled after knowing her for 50 min (personal record), one was a super fine 20 yo, the 4th was the craziest girl I've ever been with. - I have a few more girls to seal the deal with this month before I close the Austin Chapter of the game and bring my skills down to Houston.

FOR me 4wn was about living out a life that I committed to as soon as I found out about the game a few years ago. I got into the game to use getting pussy as a vehicle for personal growth, and damn did it deliver. After I took the program, my closest friend commented that I carry myself differently and have more confidence. My dress and hygiene is better (Alex James I floss every day now lol) I even scored differently on the Myers-Briggs personality test after taking the course! I am literally a different person now that I've gone through this program. I would do the course again, will do it in the future, and would recommend you do the same.

There's no reason you're not enough. Self-esteem is the foundation for all success. Fuck bicthes get money.

- J