Bali 4wN 2018 with Fede

4wn Bali Fede

Brilliant experience with Federico on 4WN Bali

Before taking the 4wn program I felt stuck in a position where, even though I was making gradual progress every year, I was not even close to reaching my full potential in this area of my life. Therefore, I decided that I needed a person of authority and experience to guide me through this.

The reason I put my trust in Federico and the 4wn program was twofold. First, I had come to believe in Alex's message and his integrity. For me, the most important part of that message is freedom of expression and responsibility for your actions. Second, I visited Federico's free event in Amsterdam and saw that message come to life. Furthermore, I met an engaged individual with genuine and good intentions.

That judgment turned out to be spot-on. At no point did I doubt Federico's commitment to my cause. In hanging out with him, I was impressed by his ability to inspire and bring good vibes into the world. His coaching style was an excellent fit for me. Federico got a good sense of what I needed to change, and was not just able to explain what to do and how to do it, but also why.

His instructions, which were often targeted at my capabilities in the areas of motivation/persistence and expressiveness paid off in brilliant ways. The interaction that earned me the white 4wnBA polo stands out as an example. In this case, I approached on Federico's insistence, a girl (who is a promotional model) that I was hesitant, for whatever reason, to approach. Although things went well, I would have dropped out after 10 minutes if it hadn't been for Federico, as she was dragged away by a guy. Federico convinced me to chase and I did. The reapproach went great, but she was dragged away a second time. This time I got there on my own: I followed. At this point, the guys were tired out. After this, all I had to do was hold my frame and continue to be fun and expressive. perceived logistical problems worked themselves out and I went home with probably the hottest girl I have ever pulled. A month later I have been on an amazing 5 day trip with her and I continue to get texts from her about future plans every day.

Currently I am still in the process of discovering what amazing progress has been made. The sense of freedom of expression I now have is astounding. Yesterday I had a choice to go out alone to a good club or to follow the people of my party hostel in Bangkok into a drunken shitshow, as I would have done before program. I chose the first option and, without hesitation or anxiety, did an approach I wouldn't have done before program, stuck with it even though the beginning was slow and ended up being shown around by a stunning and succesful woman ten years older than me (I am 23), after which she paid for a cab and a hotel room.

In short: expectations met and far surpassed. Thank you again Federico!