Chicago 4wN with Luca

Chicago 4wN Luca

My experience on the Chicago 4weeknatural with coach Luca:

When I decided to go on the 4weeknatural, I had just spent a few months interacting with who I thought to be the woman of my dreams. Well that didn't work out at the time.

I felt so much pain about having spent another time 'screwing it up' that I decided to embark on a 4weeknatural. When I got there I was quite sad and still thinking about this girl. I had no experience actively approaching women in clubs, and little experience doing so during the day.

Going on a 4weeknatural is like going on a mini heroe's journey. You enter a foreign reality and are forced to develop skills that help you become proficient in such a reality.. and you feel like you are becoming someone dynamically not you - or who you really knew you were in this area of your life - along the way. In this case, meeting women in a romantic context and building romantic relationships with them. Becoming the man that does so.

Developing in this area of your life reveals so many blindspots about reality that you didn't know where influencing you the whole time. You learn new ways of thinking and seeing the world and you see how most guys are asleep to this and that's largely why they don't get results.

On the 4weeknatural I went from having no idea how to even start a conversation with a woman, to doing it naturally and during the course taking one 5'10 blonde stunner (I'm 5'7") from an approach in a park during the day back to her hotel for some fun that evening and the following night. It's like magic; making something you want happen out of seemingly nothing. That's the power of this program. Once you have such an experience it changes your view on this area of your life from helplessness and scarcity, to power and abundance.. and this only grows and changes over time as you continue your heroe's journey.

Luca is the mentor you meet on this journey.. he's way along the path and can see what you need to tweak behaviorally, in your thinking, and emotionally, in order to experience success. This can cut years off of your learning curve.. and it actually does. He will push you especially when you need it most - when you dont want to the most - which is when the real growth happens. You can trust him to overpower that part of yourself that has been stopping you in this area for so long yet at the same time is the same reason you are here in this group.

This program definitely works, and Luca is an excellent coach.. truly. His passion for the game, social dynamics with women and love and appreciation for them, will show a new and effective way.

The most important thing about a program is the learning happens on an unconscious level through reference experiences and being around someone who lives and breathes game for a living. By being immersed in this lifestyle for a month, it's inevitable that you will change. The unconscious runs 95% of behaviour, so its excactly where you need the change to happen.. not some theory bullshit.

Finally, the difference between the 4weeknatural and companies like RSD is that these guys learned how to be true naturals.. it's a natural approach to game - not some showboating hand of God shit - its burning away the old ways of being and letting your true self shine through, which is actually most attractive to women.

I cant recommend this program more.. a bootcamp isn't enough.. you need 4 weeks and even more to make true change. & the price lmao.. you see how much RSD bootcamps cost? What a RIP OFF by comparison in terms of value received.. I'm just being straight up with you, 3 days is not enough to truly change you, especially for like $2,000 American.. holy shit is it worth it to take the 4wn instead.