Chicago 4wN with Luca

Chicago 4wN Luca

4 week natural program with Luca Daniel

What a journey that was...definitely will do it again.
Coming in i had no idea what to expect. Before the program, i was an info gatherer just accumulating product after product and not apply it and barely had any luck with the woman i wanted.i was sick and tire seeing guys sleep with the woman i desire and not having the confidence to even say hello and introduce myself. Approach anxiety was my biggest challenge.

One day i found myself on the fence to join or not to join. Until it hit me.I was at a latin dance night enjoying myself and i saw this attractive woman who knew how to dance sensual and surrounded by guys. How i wish i had the confidence to stand out or at least say hi but everytime i tried this approach anxiety would get to me. Had me palm sweaty, heavy breathing, nervous as all hell and ended up walking out.

I asked myself what story do i want to tell myself years down the road. Thanking myself for taking a leap of faith and and fix this area of my life once and for all or find myself in the same situation watching all this beautiful woman pass me by and test of time waits for no one and grow old and alone. You know i already know the path i am got me no where. If i want something i never had i have to do something i never done and joined.

Thanks luca daniel who did everything he can to help me overcome this once and for all. He saw at times i trew the towel in to quit and he threw it back at my face to wipe the sweat and remind me you are almost there. You can do it. All i had to do is surrounded my old beliefs and have him install new behaviors and beliefs in me and trust him. I walk in feeling a nobody but walked out the program discovering who i truly am, i a man who get shit done. Someone can be great at life. LUCA had me take action massive amount of action and helped me recognize and gave me awareness what i need to work on....

It was an emotional journey. we had ups and downs and i realize one thing drop your ego you know where that paths leads you to andbe coachable so you can save years of learning amd trial and error.

For that i thank you. Remember money comes and goes but your life only once. You want to look back when you wake up and see next to you the woman of your dreams right beside you and be like that was worth it.

Now a days i find myself walking around like i own the place.easily approaching woman left and right. Going on instant dates and just getting to know woman left and right. I find myself at times had to believe this is the new me. Welcome to the new normal.