Helsinki 4wN 2018 with Luca + Fede

4 Week Natural and “Drill & Diagnosis” with Luca and Federico ##

Greetings from The Arctic Circle!

Below a few points I wanted to share on a 4WN I took with Federico and Luca - and a subsequent, followup weekend training with Luca. I’m very brief - comment and I’ll elaborate on details.

Background & Expectations
- Thirty-two years-old, watching friends get into relationships for too long
- Problem 1: I can’t seem to find and/or attract a female of my liking 
- Problem 2: Why do so many peers seem to be in unhappy relationships?

Notes on the courses:

- Coaching eats video watching for breakfast. In the first few hours out my understanding of game surpassed that of a decade of video-watching.

- Luca and Federico were brutally honest and made sure to hold the tough talks. Had to confront some very, very uncomfortable truths about the way I conduct myself.

- Selflessness of Luca and Federico was ever-present. No matter the situation, one or both of the coaches was always a glance away, ready to help mid-set and/or analyze thereafter. Throughout the four weeks, Luca and Federico kept their eyes peeled on my sets and off girls’ asses. I felt like I was standing on the shoulders of giants, which gave courage to approach and fueled learning.

- Luca and Federico were obsessed with my progress. Period. Soon I realised that being told to put my phone away, sit opposite the coaches and focus on listening to the analysis was professionalism, nothing more.

- Focus was on root causes, which, for me, explained decade-long frustrations around family, friends, colleagues. “Tactics” with women were in a lesser role until root causes were found and treated.

- The 4WN community of those having done a course is very strong. I’m spending a weekend in a smaller town gaming with a fellow course-taker as I’m finalising this text.

As a result of the course, I now have a clearer vision of where I want to take my social life as well as a roadmap and a toolbox (root-cause analysis, tactics) to take me there.

I hope you found this useful - don’t hesitate to comment if you want to know more!

Bouncy balls,
- Anders