Hvar 4wN 2018 Testimonial Alex

4wN Hvar

For all the 4WN members!

Here's a short review of the 4wn off Hvar.

Some friends off my told me about the 4wn. One did It in 2015 and the others in 2017.

I was already good with women but with textgame and Tinder I was not good. I wanted to do nightgame better and daygame was no problem for me.

I followed Alex James for 2 years, I guess. In this 2 years I really liked everything what Alex said, I felt that he was not only experienced but also a professional. When I followed Ryan I noticed that he was a very calm and relaxed person and I admired that.

First I wanted to do the 4wn in 2017 but I couldn't afford It at that moment and I really was angry and disappointed that I couldn't made It. Then I made a decision to do the 4wn in 2018 and do whatever It takes to make It happen so I was out my head and at the deadline , I paid It.

Then I came at Hvar and I met a great group of guys, like minded people. What I respect the most of the guys was that everybody could show their struggle what made them stronger and better man at the end.

How I think about the coaches?

Alex James : a great speaker!! Every second and minute, he gives you GOLD , specially at the summit. It was mindblowing!! When I wake up, I enjoyed every footstep I made for the summit because I knew, I'm gonna learn today! 


:)โ€จOne time I had coaching by Alex and It was different like the rest because he already saw , that I needed that and I still want to thank him for that because I like HARD challenges!

How I was before?

Already good, strong personality and confident BUT much to hype, NOT peacefull and slimey. It looked more funny , when I was in a set, like a young boy.

How I am afterwards ?

Grounded, centered and FINALLY calm so I can make eye-contact and assume attraction. Alex wanted me to be GREAT and I looks like they achieved this because I got abundance now.

I wanna thank all the coaches for their HELP and the GROUP for the GREAT, UNFORGETTABLE TIME, APPRECIATE!!

Bless you all!!!