Hvar 4wN 2018 testimonial review

4WN Hvar 2018 Review!

Before Hvar, I did a 3 day boot camp with Alex in Helsinki in 2017 and saw some good improvements. I had the opportunity to travel this summer so naturally taking a 4 Week Natural in Hvar for an entire month was the obvious answer! (Side note: it is possible to work remotely and do the 4WN, but ideally take the whole month off!)

Before the course, my progression in game had plateaued. No matter how many youtube videos I watched, my game wasn’t improving. However having an expert coach, like Alex, see your interactions in person is a great way to progress. He can see your unique ‘blind spots’ which no matter how many youtube videos you watch, you wouldn’t know about!

I hadn’t met many ‘game’ guys before Hvar, so wasn’t sure what to expect. However rest assured all the guys were awesome, the sense of team spirit for success is great and made friends for life.

The island of Hvar itself is probably an ideal location to do a 4WN. Croatia is a really popular holiday place at the moment so there are new girls coming to island every 2/3 days from all over the world. You’ll meet Croatians, Italians, Germans, Brazilians, Australians... literally from all over the world. There are good venues - easy to approach with fun holiday vibes.

From seeing Alex in person, I do believe they have the best type of game in the world. It’s smooth, can be done anywhere and most importantly comes across ‘naturally’ to the girl. Alex’s and the other coaches style of game is all different, you'll see each style, see what suits you the best and learn from all.

Finally, it’s only through the repetition of going out *alot* for the month of the 4WN, that you’ll internalise the lessons for 4WN Game. For example, one of my sticking points was going for the 4*, 5* girls, but this quickly becomes irrelevant when you're talking to beautiful women everyday.

For anyone considering doing a 4 Week Natural, you’ll remove years from your progression in game and have a blast at the same time - would recommend.

If anyone here is in Edinburgh or Glasgow, let me know!

R- Scotland