London 4wN 2018 with Alex Testimonial

London 4wN Alex

4WN London with Alex (Testimonial)

I recently took a 4WN in Austin with Ryan in April of 2018 and I wrote a testimonial about that program which you guys can check out. But briefly I started out as a hard case newbie getting very few results and mostly getting lucky here and there. After completing the program in Austin I started getting incredible results, things like threesomes with very attractive women, getting laid at least several times a month, also met a gorgeous girl who I started dating. The reason I took this program with Alex is a very peculiar one since my issue was not really about getting laid but more so one how to develop my emotional intelligence. I have been in pickup for almost five years now and had several different mentors and coaches in that time. The downfall to this was that I had many negative and unhealthy mindsets about pickup. Getting laid with the right mindset is the key and this is something I learned about on this program.

The first weekend I had my session we went out to a salsa club and we had a long brief at the club before we started talking to people. Alex went pretty deep on diagnosing me and it took me a while for it to sink in. I was completely in my head the whole night since he brought up things about me that I had been suppressing my entire life. He also mentioned things about me that nobody else could figure out including psychologists who gave me a very vague description. I ended up spending the entire night at the bar just drinking and trying to digest this heavy load of information. By the end of the night I ended up pulling a girl back to my place, but this wasn’t a victory for me since I didn’t come on this program just to get laid but to change my perspective and beliefs on sex and dating. During the program I was living with Alex and Jonas who was another student on program so we talked throughout the day on game and life. One of the greatest things by far about these programs is the friendships you form with other students.

We started off the second week doing some fashion and one on ones with Alex. Since we all come from different backgrounds and look different the fashion advises he gave us was specific to the type of person. For some reason this part gets overlooked in the community and I feel very strongly that having a good sense of fashion and grooming can be a game changer. We also talked about career and hobbies and how to add pickup into your lifestyle in a healthy way. Although we were only scheduled 4 day game sessions and 4 night game sessions we were allowed to be on every session even if it wasn’t our group. This ended up being way more sessions than advertised on the website. Most of us were not working that month or scheduled a few days off during the program. Although one or two guys were still working full time while doing the program. You generally do not need to take off from work since the instructors are flexible and can schedule your sessions whenever your available.

During the program I started using Bumble and Tinder and had around three dates using these apps. I ended up hooking up with a very attractive German girl and had to bail on my other date mid-way since we had an infield session lol. During the third week we spent around 4-5 hours watching infield videos with a full breakdown of how and why he is doing everything he does. This gave us motivation to go out that night and implement everything that we have learned. My main goal throughout the program was to open up emotionally and express myself better. Alex kept hammering statements of motivation and statements of empathy into my head for me to accomplish this. My other goal was to minimize alcohol when going out as it became apparent early on that I drink too much and have to address that issue.

By the fourth week we were all mentally exhausted and drained from all the information and physically exhausted form the long nights out. A few days before our program ended we might the Alumni from other 4WN programs. All these guys were cool motherfuckers whom I could see myself picking up chicks and hanging out with. I have been to other pickup meetups and cannot say the same thing. The results were incredible for all of us on the program, most of us hooked up with at least four girls. Later that week Alex took pictures of us with his $40K camera for our social media and dating apps as part of the program. It was really hard to say goodbye to all the guys on the program since we formed amazing friendships. It’s safe to say that I made stronger friendships with these guys than I have made with college or high school friends that I have known for 15 years. Now that I have a blueprint on everything I need to do inside and outside of game I am completely confident that with the mentorship of Alex I can become a true Alpha male. Take a 4WN and join the tribe😎