London DnD 2018 with Luca

Luca DND london

Hey guys,

I recently took a 4 day DND with Luca Daniels. He's asked me to share my thoughts, and and I'm happy to do so. So here we go. I've waited a few weeks to write this, mainly to get perspective. A few days on it's own isn't life-changing and I wanted to review the long term effects, not the short time emotional high.

Bottom line: I would really recommend this program.

Luca is a great guy to hang out with. He cares a lot about his students and is a good teacher. I was really impressed with the observations he made and with the time he took outside of our contact time to think about and analyse my game. I really feel like he gave me 100%.

But it's a fair chunk of money for a short time. Is it worth it?

For me, yes. I was really stuck on a few things. I was spending a huge amount of my time and energy doing the same game and getting the same results. Luca helped me get unstuck. I've worked hard after the program and I've moved on. I'm having success, and I'm optimistic about my future in game and relationships.

I'm not a some kind of next level super player, and my problems with women and relationships aren't all fixed. But I'm more equipped to fix them now than I was before.

All I can say is it was worth it for me.

TLDRers can stop here. I'm going to be specific about what I got out of this:

1) I know how to 'game myself' into enjoying night game. Sometimes, but it's an improvement. He taught me about the "spark zone" and guided me through 3 night game sessions

2) I'm now much more confident with physicality. I use it as expression now, I know how to touch people and I'm better at reading and responding to signals I get back from the girl (ie I'm guy that "gets it").

3) He taught me indirect game. I had (and still have sometimes) a more cheeky style, and it's been painful to relearn somethings, but the results have been pretty good and I'm glad I did it.

4) He reminded me how to relax and just get to know the girls. I had a nervous game-y persona that was actually turning girls off. Now, I'm more able to stop 'spiking', just assume things are going well and explore their genuine interests.

...) And there's all the other things we worked on, but I can't list everything.

I'm glad I did this, and I'm grateful for the effort Luca put in. In fact, I'm pretty seriously thinking about taking Luca's 4wn next year.