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Hey guys, new to this group and this is my first post here, but over the past 4 months I've had the opportunity to take two D&D sessions, one with Alexand one with Ryan, so I wanted to share my experience with both here.

I will start by saying I am pretty new to "game", I started going out and doing cold approach November last year and, like most people, my reference was RSD; this of course ingrained poor behaviors when interacting with women that were providing the illusion of progress but I wasn't really getting any factual results.

Enter Alex. Bartek brought Alex to town, I didn't know who he was and what 4WN was about, but hey, he was an ex-RSD instructor, so he must be good, right? And the price compared to RSD was more attractive, so I decided to take the risk and sign up; in any case I am a newbie and any coaching is better than no coaching. At first when he introduced us to his philosophy I was skeptical, it clashed with everything I had seen in YouTube University -are you suggesting I should be just another chode and act like a normal person? But hey, I already paid and I will always do as my instructor asks me, so we'll see. First night goes by, Alex lets us run free and do our thing and he is like a ninja, always paying close attention at what we say and do in our interactions without him being noticed and doesn't say anything. We meet next day for the debrief and this is where the real deal starts; he wastes no time in calling out my poor behaviors and explaining how I'm lowering my value and getting in my own way with them, I feel like a bucket of cold water was thrown at me -but, but, but, what about all those videos I've seen encouraging you to be loud and obnoxious and alpha? Then Alex goes on to providing the drills for the night based on his observations. Basically this was the whole weekend, every night Alex would provide some drills and give feedback the next day, rinse and repeat. His feedback was always on point and relevant and as the weekend progressed and I broke free from my old paradigms I was getting better results, girls were more receptive and open to me; the weekend opened my eyes to a different, effortless and yes, more natural, game.

Four months went by and Bartek announced he was bringing Ryan to town this time, he had previously told me that because of my personality I would identify a lot with Ryan's style, so then again I signed up and I am really glad I did. Ryan brings his utmost presence to his students at all time, which is both strong and soothing, just by being out with him I felt more confident and manly; he deeply cares for the people around him and just by him being there makes everybody around him feel great and have a good time. If I had to describe Ryan I would say he is everything RSD preaches but neither teaches nor shows -fully present in the moment, grounded and with a cool demeanor that naturally draws women, and people, towards him. Also, because of his background in psychology coupled with his pimping skills the feedback he provides is so spot on and is not limited to game, but rather it addresses major areas of your life that will make the most impact across the board and help you become a better man overall. I can truly say that the impact Ryan has had after the weekend has been life changing, and I'm looking forward to do a full 4WN program with him, if he was able to bring that much insight and value into my life in one weekend I can only imagine what an experience a full 4WN program with him would be.

Thank you Alex and Ryan for being a class act in this line of business and helping so many men become the best version of themselves, and of course a big thank you to Bartek for bringing the love of these two gents to town.

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