Seattle DnD 2018 with Ryan

DND Seattle

Hey everyone, I’m new to the group as I just discovered it about a month ago. Like most guys I got into pickup reading “The Game” and then watching a lot of RSD videos, buying their programs and eventually taking a Bootcamp with Owen and Maze. Recently Bartek brought Ryan Romero to Seattle so I decided to take another Bootcamp. I had a very positive experience over the three days. I never felt comfortable doing RSD style pickup. I’m a pretty chill dude so mass approaching, doing a lot of emotional spikes and outlandish behavior never felt congruent to me. Over the three days Ryan helped me to cultivate a better mindset when I’m out at bars, portray a more masculine demeanor and be less apologetic about myself. Ryan helped me illuminate exactly where I’m coming from when I’m interacting with women. He didn’t teach me fluff tactics or short-term band aid solutions, although there was advice that I found immediately helpful. Ryan teaches the skillset and knowledge to develop into an alpha male. He doesn’t teach tactics and behaviors to pretend to be an alpha male. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to learn a different way. Absolute 10/10 rating on my experience. Thanks so much Ryan and the whole 4W Natural Team!

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